Meet the CSA Team: Kimberly Wofford

a portrait of kimberly wofford

Interviewer: What is your name?

Kimberly: Kimberly Wofford

Interviewer: What is your position at CSA?

Kimberly: Senior Editorial Manager, Math

Interviewer: What does that position entail?

Kimberly: I help manage projects in the Math department by coordinating resources to ensure we deliver high-quality materials to our clients’ specifications on time.

Interviewer: How did you become a part of CSA?

Kimberly: Karen Veit, CSA’s Director of Math and Instructional Design, and I have a former coworker in common who told me about the open position at CSA. I knew CSA did great work and heard it was an amazing place to work. I applied, interviewed, and the rest is history.

Interviewer: What is the best part of your job?

Kimberly: I work with amazing people every day! My colleagues, our freelancers, and our clients make CSA a great place to work. We all have the same goal of developing great content.

Interviewer: What do you wish people knew about your work at CSA?

Kimberly: I wish people knew that this isn’t just a job. I’m excited to help clients produce great products. Our freelancers are amazing and I really enjoy working with them. I get to work on products from many different companies, and I enjoy seeing the various products going into the classroom.

Interviewer: What do you wish schools focused on more in terms of education and why? 

Kimberly: I think there needs to be more focus on differentiation for students who are ready to be challenged. There is a lot of focus on remediation and bringing students up to level, but not as much on students who are above level and able to expand their knowledge and grow through critical thinking applications of content they are learning. I know from experience this is difficult to do as a teacher, and I’m hoping more companies start offering teachers great resources for doing this that don’t take a lot of preparation time to implement. The easier we make it for teachers to implement, the more likely they will be to use the materials.

Interviewer: What are three interesting facts about you?

Kimberly: I am an avid fisherwoman, one of only sixty-five elite saltwater anglers in Texas. I enjoy woodworking, making things like candleholders, coat racks, planters, rolling pins, and wine holders. My dog has more of a social media presence than I do. She is a rescue and her social media is all about showing how great rescue pets are and raising money for shelters/rescues.

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