Repurposing for Digital Delivery

January 15, 2021

With more focus being placed on online learning, many educational companies are trying to find ways to make their programs accessible digitally. They already have quality print curricula and are seeking to repurpose those materials for digital delivery. However, educational companies are finding that the shift from print to digital is not an easy process. Time constraints pose a challenge, as many want their materials digitalized for student access immediately, but digital materials require the inclusion of interactive elements to keep students engaged. 

CSA Education understands that a student’s user experience can affect their ability to learn. Our team is experienced in developing materials that are free from bias and that represent all learners and their experiences. The programs CSA Education develops meet the latest accessibility guidelines. Additionally, because we know that interactive elements are crucial to fostering student engagement, we have adapted lessons into games, videos, and even a combination of online and offline experiments to maximize student engagement while limiting screen time. All deliverables are aligned to state standards and have everything necessary to give students a firm footing in their subject. More attention on digital materials does not diminish the worth of your printed lessons; it simply requires a little adaptation. CSA is there to help you make that transition with ease.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about the team at CSA Education, please contact Ingrid Benson at ib*****@cs****.com.

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