Short-Form Instructional Videos

July 26, 2022 (rev)

With the increase of digital content, it can be a challenge to create materials that focus on engagement in a comprehensive and concise way. At CSA Education, we tackle this challenge by creating short-form instructional videos.

Working with teachers and designers, we can develop videos, from simple to complex, to fit any lesson plans. We created a few simple examples of quick and engaging educational videos to showcase this capability. Covering various topics in math, science, ELA, social studies, and the arts, these videos can be tailored to any age and grade level. We work to keep each video 3–4 minutes, allowing a short introduction into each topic that creates excitement and curiosity. These videos are designed to fit into lessons, to act as stand-alone introductions to a topic, or to be used at home. 

To see how short-form instructional videos can enhance your lessons, please reach out to ib*****@cs****.com for more information.

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