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No matter how old you are, learning never stops, especially when it comes to kids. Encyclopaedia Britannica approached CSA Education with that in mind, looking for our team of educators to develop several articles for their popular parenting advice website, Britannica for Parents. CSA’s experts were more than up for the challenge, addressing topics such as standardized testing in the time of COVID-19, how to raise a bilingual child, and even what to do when your child drops that awful four-letter word.

Standardized Testing During COVID-19

Maybe you’ve heard other parents talk about “opting out” of standardized testing. Find out what that means and other testing issues relevant to your child’s education.

Dads and Remote Learning

While polls show that moms typically carry the heaviest burden in supporting children’s remote learning, many dads are also working hard to help their children learn.

Why Kids Swear and What to Do

Educator Corrie Thompson advises parents and caregivers on how to respond when your child curses or uses inappropriate language.

Raising Bilingual Children

Educators and researchers agree there are many benefits to bilingualism. But what can parents do to teach their child two languages when only one parent is bilingual?

How Do Children Learn to Read?

Some children seem to pick up reading naturally while others struggle and require support. Let’s take a look at two of the primary methods for teaching reading—whole language and phonics.

Motivating Teens on Remote Learning

As pandemic restrictions continue, teens are restless. Educator Corrie Thompson offers suggestions for helping teens to stay motivated to learn.

Is My Child Cheating? Parents Need to Know

A seasoned educator offers guidance that will help your child learn right from wrong when it comes to schoolwork and tests.

How to Help Your Child
with Math Homework

Puzzled by your child’s math assignments? You’re not alone! Curriculum expert Kelly Martinson explains exactly what you need to know to help with math homework.

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