Customization & Consulting

Customization comes in many forms. The CSA team can evaluate and tailor existing content to meet specific needs outlined by our clients. We can create additional content to make a product fully align with standards or frameworks, incorporate technology, provide teacher supports, enhance student engagement, and improve learning outcomes. We can also work with clients to build new courses, from developing a scope & sequence to full-service content development and production. Our Consulting services allow our expertise to shine. By refining processes and workflows, we identify best practices that lead to successful partnerships in custom curriculum development. Based on our clients’ needs, CSA can find and vet subject-matter experts, curriculum specialists, and educators who help our clients define the direction for their programs.


  • Gap analysis with content additions
  • Learning pathways design
  • Curriculum mapping and design
  • Assessment strategy development
  • Accessibility and inclusivity enhancements


  • Academic stance and messaging
  • Program adoption planning
  • Project management

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