Cameron Garchow

Cameron Garchow

Design and Production Specialist

Cameron started out as a freelance User Experience and Interface Designer (UX & UI) before joining CSA Education as a design intern. Cameron considers it a life goal to be a part of an educational production company such as CSA, where he studies under experienced designers and enjoys the chance to learn educational design processes. He takes it upon himself to learn new design patterns and is always ready to meet challenging new problems.

Before joining CSA Education, he previously interned as a marketing designer at Biznussoft, where he worked on personalized websites and product boxing designs and built templates for social media campaigns. While at school, he specialized in designing interfaces for applications, such as video games, and managing teams of game developers, most notably working on and managing a group of students in creating virtual reality interfaces with the Unreal Engine 4. While at CSA, he has aided in the creation of the following:

  • Researching and designing imagery for marketing campaigns
  • Designing detailed, yet simple, infographics
  • Producing digital imaging for social media and marketing campaigns
  • Creating icons and assets for team use
  • Building creative design processes to meet tasks at hand

Cameron is always looking for the next challenging venture. He holds a BAS in Digital Animation and Game Design from Ferris State University and is an Eagle Scout.


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