portrait of emily baier

Emily Baier

Senior Editor, Math

Pronouns: she/her


A passionate and dedicated educator with an expertise in aligning mathematics resources to the Common Core and state-specific standards, Emily Baier is Senior Editor of Math. She is responsible for developing and editing grade-appropriate mathematics programs. She oversees math projects and creates quality materials that align to client guidelines.

Math has always been a part of Emily’s career. Emily taught grades 6-12 for eight years, while also content writing and editing for educational publishers. Emily has worked on projects at CSA developing, writing, editing, and aligning math programs to specific standards. Emily’s work at CSA has also included developing ELL materials to support math programs. 

Milestone highlights in Emily’s career include the following:

  • Developing district curricula, pacing guides, summative, and placement assessments
  • Creating/editing print and digital content including textbook storyboards, video scripts, and digital student/teacher interactives
  • Developing print-based instructional and practice content
  • Developing technology-enhanced items for NWEA MAP assessments
  • Providing data-driven instruction to support individual areas of growth to students in a stations-based intervention classroom
  • Developing materials to support ELL students

Emily earned a BS degree in Mathematics and a BA degree in Fine Arts from Monmouth University. She earned her Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics from Concordia University. She is also a State-Certified Teacher of K-12 Mathematics in New Jersey. 

Though she says she is not good at it, Emily adores karaoke and is trying to persuade her three children (ages 5, 3, and 1) to sing with her! She also really loves home improvement and design. She and her husband recently bought, gutted, and renovated an entire house.

Contact Emily at eb****@cs****.com