Kimberly Gier

Kimberly Gier

Alignment Manager, STEM

Kimberly works in Alignment Services, where they primarily review curriculum in the sciences, social studies, math, and electives such as business, personal finance, and psychology. They also handle some project management duties for the department, and oversee contractor work to create various correlations and analyses. 

Kimberly began freelancing with CSA Education in 2017 after being highly recommended as someone with incredible attention to detail and an ability to provide clients with the highest quality work. They quickly demonstrated an innate ability to identify what a standard requires in order to find the strongest alignment and so brought a new layer of expertise to CSA that strengthened the team, furthering our reputation for premium alignment services. Kimberly excels at alignments in a variety of subject areas, including science, social studies, and business and finance. 

Samples of highlights in Kimberly’s career include the following:

  • Handling multiple major projects for CSA Education including assessment alignments, program-to-program evaluations, textbook correlations, and gap analyses for a wide variety of clients
  • Working with NGSS standards in the sciences, C3 Social Studies framework for social studies, Common Core standards for math, and multiple local and state standards

Kimberly received a BA in Psychology from the University of North Florida. They have been certified in Essentials of HR and the Law, Advanced Issues in Human Resources, Managing Employees with Chronic Illnesses, and Creating a Cultural Competency Action Plan. Kimberly is proficient in Microsoft programs, Kronos Workforce, training and curriculum development, and travel planning and meeting facilitation.

Kimberly loves puzzles and games of all sorts. Every summer, they can be found completing ridiculous photo challenges, making art from trash or food items, and collecting donations for charitable organizations to help their team in G.I.S.H., aka the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. For last year’s event, they built a Rube Goldberg machine to put out the candles on a cake, created a replica of the Parthenon using only items found in their kitchen, and plated a seven-course meal on a stick!

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