Laura Cunningham

Laura Cunningham

Associate Director, Science

Science, teaching, and education have always been Laura’s passion. As Associate Director, Science, Laura oversees all editorial science projects at CSA Education. She works closely with our clients to realize their vision and then assembles and leads experienced teams to construct what our clients have envisioned.

Laura started her professional career teaching Earth and Space Science and Astronomy to a diverse population of high school and middle school students in Grades 8–12. During that time, she immersed herself in learning effective instructional and assessment practices while creating her own curriculum and instructional materials for her classroom. She also developed the first NGSS-aligned Earth and Space Science curriculum for her school district, designing the scope and sequences within a project-based learning framework, and authored aligned assessment materials. Laura’s interest in the development of curriculum and instructional materials became apparent when she was designing and writing curriculum for her students. This interest motivated her to continue her experience in curriculum development in educational publishing with Calvert Education, where she designed and authored standards-based assessments and built innovative curricula that integrated “active learning” instructional approaches to improve student learning and teacher preparation. Laura has extensive experience in working with small and large teams from storyboarding to production to achieve goals under strict constraints.

The following items represent the range of her work:

  • Designing and developing print and online science courses for synchronous and asynchronous instruction in Grades K–8
  • Aligning content, assessments, and lesson materials with NGSS and state science standards
  • Conducting research related to instruction, third-party resources, and courseware for integration into academic programs and curricula
  • Conceptualizing, storyboarding, and communicating course design for development and production within cross-functional departments
  • Managing, training, and supervising a team of subject-matter experts in the development of contextually rich, engaging, and objective-driven science courses and learning experiences that focus on inquiry, active learning, and P21 skills
  • Establishing curriculum development processes and project management for new and revised courses and learning experiences aligned with objectives and standards that includes time tracking, feedback, and task completion
  • Building course content and learning components into a learning management system
  • Producing standards-aligned assessments with specific Bloom’s and depth of knowledge (DOK) levels with distractor rationale in Learnosity

Laura graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Maryland with an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, with concentration in Educational Leadership after earning her BSEd in Earth and Space Science from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. She also maintains her Advanced Professional Educator certificate from Maryland in Earth Science, Grades 7–12. 

Laura finds comfort exploring the outdoors, especially admiring national parks and hiking. Her favorite hikes so far have been the South Kaibab Trail at Grand Canyon National Park and the Emerald Pool Trails at Zion National Park. She also enjoys going to architectural salvage and antique stores and searching for pieces to incorporate into her home.

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