Steven Kaszynski

Steven Kaszynski

Director, Alignment Services

One of CSA Education’s most senior staff members, Steven has helped grow our Alignment Services department into an elite service and cement its reputation nationally. While forming and fostering relationships with all types of industry clients, Steven continues to build a global team of subject matter experts to address alignment needs in myriad subjects and languages and at every grade level. Steven has contributed to a wide variety of projects for publishers and others within the education industry, including Savvas, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Benchmark, and Encyclopedia Britannica. In his tenure with CSA, Steven has managed, coordinated, written, and edited student and teacher materials and has orchestrated curriculum alignment for Grades K–12, including the following milestones:

  • Partnering with key education industry firms to develop a unique alignment management system for Grades K–12 in the core content areas, encompassing the C3, Common Core, state standards, and NGSS
  • Adapting existing teacher- and student-facing materials to client- and/or state-specific guidelines, ensuring compliance with all requirements
  • Extending our Alignment Services from correlations and alignment in the core content areas to all electives and world languages 
  • Adapting and growing CSA Alignment Services to address the rapid growth of online and digital courses and teaching platforms
  • Developing and managing print and digital indexing services for educational publishing clients

Steven holds a BA in English from Northern Illinois University and an MLIS from Dominican University. 

Steven moonlights as a husband, dad, swimmer, beach bum, basketball fan, and taco chef. In summers, he can be found coaching baseball and softball in his flip-flops.

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