Virtual Adventures for Children (and Parents!) Stuck at Home

As we continue to navigate life during the coronavirus pandemic, parents and caregivers are continually being challenged to find ways of keeping kids occupied. Here are some resources to help children of all ages be stimulated, active, and challenged while stuck at home. 

Have a child who can’t get enough of outer space?

Point them toward the livestream of the International Space Station. They can see where the ISS is currently located in Earth’s orbit and get a beautiful view of our planet as seen from space. For those that are extra curious about life on the space station, the European Space Agency has a fun video from astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti on how to cook in space. Or watch astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrate how to wash your hair in space.

NASA’s livestream can show children exactly where the International Space Station is in its orbit above Earth. Image: NASA.

How about an up-and-coming musician?

Download one of these suggested music apps from the Educational App Store to expose children to sight-reading, singing, and playing music of all types. 

Is there a future veterinarian or biologist in the house?

Learn how to start a butterfly garden with the North American Butterfly Association (and check out this guide from EcoWatch on the top factors threatening these beautiful creatures). Check in on the marine animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on the open sea cam or the moon jelly cam. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo is offering a “Zoo From Home” series that brings the more than 35,000 animals that call the Zoo home to you virtually. 

Or maybe a burgeoning artist?

The Kennedy Center’s Artist-in-Residence, author, and illustrator Mo Willems, recently offered a three-week run of LUNCH DOODLES, where he invited viewers into his home studio to learn all kinds of creative illustration techniques. All 15 episodes and their downloadable activities can be found here. Or encourage your young artist to give neighbors an art show from the front door or window!

Sparking your child’s curiosity and encouraging engagement with learning has never been more critical. No matter what topic currently holds your child’s interest, there are a multitude of virtual resources available at your fingertips. We here at CSA Education wish you the best of luck and good health!

Sparking your child’s curiosity and encouraging engagement with learning has never been more critical.