Giving Back to our Communities

November is a time for reflection on thankfulness and recognizing the aspects of our lives that we appreciate. This Thanksgiving season, we wanted to reflect on the different ways of giving back that bring joy to the CSA staff.


CSA staff members deliver school supplies to Joseph Kellman School
CSA staff members deliver school supplies to Joseph Kellman School.

One way that CSA as a company gives back is through our Adopt-A-School initiative. ​​A little over a year ago, CSA Education launched our Adopt-a-School initiative partnering with Children First Fund (CFF) to support Joseph Kellman School in Chicago. “The mission of the Children First Fund is to promote the growth and success of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) through philanthropy and partnerships. We serve as a knowledge hub and liaison between CPS and its community of partners, including businesses, foundations, and individuals. By matching resources provided by external donors and partners with the students, schools, and staff that need them most, CFF maximizes the impact of CPS’ partnerships and advances the CPS Vision.” CSA’s first campaign last summer was a school supply drive where we delivered several carloads of school supplies for the students. Last winter, we ran a sock drive and provided warm socks, gloves, and hats to the students. This year’s back-to-school campaign was a school uniform drive that resulted in hundreds of new school uniforms for the students.


Many of our staff members are involved in volunteerism outside of CSA as well, and I am no exception.  In addition to helping at a local food pantry, I also volunteer with my dad at his church to decorate at Christmas. 

I asked the CSA staff to share any volunteering efforts they are involved with and the responses poured in. Here are some of the many ways we contribute to the communities where we live: 

Volunteering brings me great joy because it provides an opportunity to give back to the community. We may not always know the beneficiaries of our contributions personally, but knowing that the efforts have a positive impact make it all worthwhile. Giving back to the community is just another way CSA is working better together and living our core values!