Project Management

CSA values collaboration and communication. Our Project Management team knows that being a great project partner is all about seamlessly integrating with our clients’ teams. We believe in proactive responses, transparency, and clear communication channels with the project team. Our project managers collaborate with clients to brainstorm and make decisions that help us successfully complete projects on time and on budget. On full-service projects, our project manager serves as the central point of contact to ensure project plans are executed efficiently across Content Development, Editorial Services, Creative, and Production. Project managers are skilled at adapting to changes and mitigating risks in real time. Project Management Services include:
  • Workflow-based tracker development
  • Schedule creation & management through various management programs
  • Scope & budget management and tracking
  • Checklists to ensure consistency & quality
  • Communication plan development
  • Status reporting documentation
  • Project management consultation
  • Resource planning
  • Meeting facilitation

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