CSA Education is dedicated to efficiently delivering high-quality content and services to educational publishing and technology companies. We pride ourselves on a client-centered approach, enabling us to meet and exceed expectations.

—John Quinn, CEO

Alignment Services

For over a decade, the Alignment Services team has provided our clients with accurate, clear, and useful correlations for a wide variety of print and digital programs. Our dedicated team of subject-matter experts, educators, and analysts will work with you to identify the scope of your unique project and customize it to fit your exact needs and specifications. All our alignments are done manually to ensure clarity and a level of nuance that only the human touch can provide. Our clients include sales and marketing departments, editorial and content developers, product management, and assessment specialists.

  • Textbook correlations
  • Gap analyses
  • Program-to-program evaluations
  • Rubrics
  • Standard crosswalks
  • Assessment alignments

Curriculum Development

The CSA Education team has created educational content for over thirty years in all subject areas for all grade levels. We are focused on providing the highest quality products to our clients at each phase of the development process. Our team is ready to develop full curricula, interactive lessons and activities, readers, labs, games, videos, and assessments.

United States–based subject-matter experts on staff work with our independent contractors to plan and develop programs and assessments that are pedagogically sound and engaging for students. Our content services include concept and prototype development, blueprint and scope & sequence development, writing, instructional design, content editing, assessment development, accessibility reviews and alt text writing, diversity & inclusion, bias & sensitivity reviews, quality assurance, and integrated SEL/SECD competencies. The CSA Education team works collaboratively through integrated workflows to increase efficiency and to complete projects on time and on budget.


CSA Education has been a leader in the development and design of curricular materials for over thirty years. Our staff has designed many prototypes for various subjects and for all levels of learning. We have experts to ensure that we provide production worthy and efficient files. Our team has been a part of every step in the design and production process, including working closely with editorial teams in the planning and development stages to ensure that there is a solid content-design connection and that the design supports the learning objectives.

  • Cover, interior, feature, FM/RM design
  • UI/UX design
  • User-focused design
  • Adapting current product for new editions
  • Creating ancillary products, marketing items, and sales collateral 
  • Rich visuals and interactivity that complement the content and engage the user
  • Instructional design team
  • Print, web, and mobile deliverable integration, including hybrid programs
  • Custom digital solutions
  • Prototype and template development
  • App concepting and development
  • Multimedia, animation, motion graphics, interactive content, and infographics creation and licensing 

Editorial Services

CSA Education provides a full suite of editorial services to accompany curriculum development, design, and production. These services help our team take a product from ideation through final deliverable approvals.

  • Content editing
  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Cold reading
  • Fact checking
  • Answer checking
  • Indexing

Illustration & Photography

At CSA Education, we understand the manuscript and search for engaging images that support the learning. Our art buying services start with the instructional design understanding needed to create quality art specs. We then choose appropriate illustrators and ensure they have the precise specs needed for their illustrations to enhance the product and meet specifications.

  • Custom illustrations from spot art to full story illustration
  • Multimedia, animation, motion graphics, interactive content, and infographics creation and licensing 
  • Photo research and licensing
  • Tech art
  • Scientific art
  • Art redrawing (raster to vector)
  • Retouching and photo manipulation
  • Photo and art database management
  • Metadata and alt tag authorizing


At CSA Education, we are meticulous about production, with a focus on efficiencies and quality assurance. We work to ensure assets are built correctly and that the entire team is aware of the specifications and any global changes made during the project. We understand that communication is key to the production process and ensure that the team and our client have the most current information and answers throughout the duration of a project.

  • Large- and small-scale projects
  • Page and file building following templates
  • Typesetting
  • Preflight, file prep
  • NIMAS compliance conversion
  • Migration from legacy digital versions to current digital versions
  • Migration from print to digital product, including PDF, EPUB3, and HTML5
  • Accessibility compliance testing (WCAG)
  • XML tagging

Project Management

At CSA Education we focus on collaboration and communication. We believe in proactive responses, transparency, and client access to the people working on the project. Project managers, along with our clients and internal teams, brainstorm and make decisions together in order to successfully complete projects on time and on budget.

Project managers identify opportunities to implement efficiencies and streamline processes, coordinate tasks and interdependencies, and document and track project requirements through the use of integrated workflows, resource planning, and reporting.

We advocate for formal project status meetings as well as open communication throughout a project to facilitate changes, offer guidance, and coordinate priorities. We believe that being a great project partner is all about becoming seamlessly integrated with your team. 

We offer project management as an essential part of each project we work on, and also offer project management services on a consultant basis.

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