Health and Wellness: Eliminate Stress

You can cut off ties to the social projection of life and stay present in the moment.

As learning constantly switches from in-person to virtual, stress seems unavoidable both for students and teachers trying to navigate new systems and implement their best practices for learning. While the stress may be unavoidable, that does not mean that it is unmanageable.

Meditate Before you jump into a busy school day, start your morning with meditation. Whether it is a lingering effect from a dream, waking up from the wrong sleep cycle, or being jarred awake by noise, the early hours can affect how you navigate your day. Focusing on positivity, breathing, and mindfulness can eliminate stresses, allowing you to enter the day with a cool head. Even adding a little stretching can loosen your muscles and better prepare you for the day. 

Aromatherapy Find the scents that activate your body into relaxation; lavender, jasmine, and lemon are all scents that promote calming effects. Natural candles, essential oils, body products, and scented bubbles all can soothe the body, thereby soothing the mind. 

Exercise Do what you can to stay active. Between classes, walk around your home to reset your mind before the next class or assignment. After class, separate your school day and after-school day by doing yoga, tai chi, Pilates, or going rollerblading or walking. 

Set Productivity Playlists In sound healing therapy, people use frequencies made from tools and instruments to harness the body’s energy and open up the emotions to adjustments. We can do something similar by being intentional when playing music. Make a playlist with stringed instruments, slow drum beats, and flutes or other sounds that help you stay relaxed and eliminate distractors.

Therapy Release the pent-up anxieties inside and view them in the light of an external perspective. Whether through a personal visit or a telehealth meeting, verbalizing the stresses can make them seem manageable and reduce their expansive hold. Talking to a school counselor can also help with making plans for the future and set goals, making achievements feel attainable.

Nutrition Eat nutritional meals and drink enough water. Set your goals for eating and exercising, and stay hydrated. Learn what kinds of foods give you sustainable energy and focus. Prepare healthy snacks in advance if you need a quick bite between classes.

Disconnecting from Technology The need to respond right now can be so taxing on the mind. When you are on computer screens for both school and socializing, it can be overwhelming. It is important to shut down the electronic devices and step away after class. You do not need to be constantly in reach. You do not need to interact with everyone’s social media. You can cut off ties to the social projection of life and stay present in the moment. Instead, read a book–a task proven to eliminate stress while also improving sleep cycles.

These are just a few steps you can take to prevent and alleviate stress. While the changes can seem intimidating at first, you can control your responses and maintain simple routines to keep achieving.