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Recent Projects

Foundations A–Z Decodable Books

Grades K–2

Adobe InDesign DEI Content Review    EdReports verification    Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

Project Brief

Write and edit decodable books with targeted phonics skills and identified high-frequency words. Books address a module question in the corresponding lesson plans and are a balance of fiction and nonfiction.


  • Every fourth book is in poem form to promote fluency and prosody.
  • Books sets adhere to a systematic scope and sequence.
  • CSA developed 84 decodable books.

NOTE: CSA’s Design team worked with illustrators and researched photos for the passage sets.

Into Math!® Open Territory Alignment

Grades K–12

Project Brief

Map the Learning Spine, a comprehensive set of mathematics skills, to both individual state standards and content, including both lessons and assessment items. This was a digital project.


  • Streamlined complex processes to increase productivity
  • Collaborated with client to work around obstacles
  • Delivered all components on time and often before deadline

STEAMM and College and Career Readiness

Grades 9–12

Social & Emotional Learning Career & Technical Education

Project Brief

Align, review, and complete STEAMM curriculum for four courses and collaborate with College and Career Readiness teachers to develop a four-year curricular model, S&S, and unit plans.


  • Successfully integrated school mission and vision as well as several standard sets into both curriculums
  • Teachers reported high satisfaction with both curriculum sets
print and digital project for an educational solutions provider

DEI Review

Multiple Grades

DEI Content Review Content Authoring Tool

Project Brief

Review content to ensure conscious efforts were made to reflect diversity in written work, images, and assessment items—taking into consideration the different cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious or secular backgrounds the audience may have, as well as the different ages, gender identity, sexual orientations, and disabilities—visible or not—of all people.


  • CSA staff accommodated quick turnarounds of content-heavy titles
print project for an educational publisher

Instructional Videos

Grades 1–6


Project Brief

Develop instructional videos by recording animations with supporting audio. Design PowerPoint presentations to step through each of the examples from the Student Edition.


  • Used screen recording software (Camtasia) to produce videos that included explanatory audio, text, graphics, and animations
  • Animations enhanced the print graphics to provide step-by-step visual solutions
  • Audio explained the examples as a teacher would in class
Screenshot from Big Ideas Learning digital math program

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