Assessments Portfolio

Assessment Sourcebook

Grades K-5

Project Brief

Rewrite math practice assessment items to use only the item types defined in the State Test Item Specifications.


  • Used a variety of grade-level item types per test
  • Revised item types without changing the content, number of items, or arrangement of items on the page
print project for an educational publisher

Assessment Development

Grades 3–8

Project Brief

Create a variety of science and social studies assessment items for digital-only articles aligned with Lexile levels of articles.


  • Consistently ahead of schedule
  • Developed manuscript template for ease of content review, copyedit, and input into client’s platform
digital project for an education solutions provider

Florida Assessments

Grades 6–12

Project Brief

Develop 15 unit tests for Grades 6–8 and develop 21 beginning-of-year, mid-year, and end-of-year assessments for Grades 6–12. Development for these ELA items began with blueprints to plot out standards and skills coverage.


  • Produced valid and reliable assessments
  • Researched public domain passages and poetry

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