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Social & Emotional Learning   Career & Technical Education

STEAMM and College and Career Readiness

Grades 9–12

Social & Emotional Learning Career & Technical Education

Project Brief

Align, review, and complete STEAMM curriculum for four courses and collaborate with College and Career Readiness teachers to develop a four-year curricular model, S&S, and unit plans.


  • Successfully integrated school mission and vision as well as several standard sets into both curriculums
  • Teachers reported high satisfaction with both curriculum sets
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Online Course Writing to Fill Gaps

Grades 3–12

Project Brief

Create or modify Science, ELA, and Social Studies lessons and units that align 100% to state standards. Write partial to full modifications to assessments at various DOK levels and align 100% to state standards. Create measurable learning objectives in new and current curriculum. Research new art to incorporate into lessons. Copyedit and fact-check manuscripts and provide two credible sources for each fact with documentation.


  • Scaled quickly to staff writers and editors for a diverse set of courses
  • Met all deadlines on an aggressive timeline

Curriculum Plan

Grades K–3

Project Brief

Construct course blueprints for both semesters in four core content areas aligned to national and state standards with adjacent and non-adjacent standards. Use anchor standards from each course and crosswalk the anchor standard to several different state standards. Create course blueprints for grades K–3 in ELA. Write new measurable objectives for standards that do not correlate to anchor standard. Write descriptions of developmentally appropriate assessments using TEIs.


  • Scaled quickly to staff project
  •  100% alignment to all state standards and objectives
digital project for an education solutions provider

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