DEI Reviews

Social & Emotional Learning DEI Content Review Content Authoring Tool

DEI Review

Multiple Grades

DEI Content Review Content Authoring Tool

Project Brief

Review content to ensure conscious efforts were made to reflect diversity in written work, images, and assessment items—taking into consideration the different cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious or secular backgrounds the audience may have, as well as the different ages, gender identity, sexual orientations, and disabilities—visible or not—of all people.


  • CSA staff accommodated quick turnarounds of content-heavy titles
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Videos Samples

Grades K–4

Social & Emotional Learning DEI Content Review

Project Brief

Design, write, and produce 4 short videos to use as part of materials to spark meaningful conversations in the classroom.


  • Concept development
  • Script writing and editing
  • Storyboarding and animation
  • Stock research
  • Illustration development
  • Sound development
  • Closed captions for Spanish and English
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Comprehension Quizzes

Grades K–6

DEI Content Review

Project Brief

Write 10–16 quizzes monthly with multiple-choice and extended response items to assess how well students in GK–G6 read and comprehend leveled readers.


  • Valid and reliable quizzes that assess students’ literal and inferential reading comprehension

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