Social Studies Portfolio

Civics Course

Grades 7–8

Project Brief

Create Scope & Sequence based on standards, incorporating unique lesson objectives. Create detailed planning documents that include lesson motivators, description of authoring content, and sources. Write all assessments aligned to standards of various DOKs and activity content for courses.


  • Employed UbD framework
  • Staff accommodated quick turnarounds
  • Weekly consultations maintained clear
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World Geography Course

Grade 9

Project Brief

Create unit exams for client-provided content objectives. Write lesson activities, assessments, and unit/lesson introductions for World Geography instruction.


  • Navigated unique exam-to-activity approach
  • Accommodated quick turnaround times
  • Consultations maintained clear directives
  • Flexibility helped CSA-client relationship
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Major Social Studies Revision

Grades 1–2

Project Brief

Align and provide correlations report for course materials to C3. Revise student and teacher workbooks to remove specific references and add aligned content. Create Scope & Sequence and instructional materials. Full-service design and production.


  • Successful program used in multiple states
  • 30% increase in alignment to C3

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