Andrea Woudenberg-Harvey

Andrea Woudenberg-Harvey

Senior Editor

As CSA Education’s Senior Editor, Andrea Woudenberg-Harvey is responsible for developing and editing grade-appropriate content and materials with accuracy and consistency. She oversees editorial projects, manages internal staff and independent contractors, and provides quality materials that align to client guidelines. She also writes and edits tasks for internal and external editorial resources, reviews materials from independent contractors, and provides feedback to ensure quality on subsequent assignments.

After joining McGraw-Hill Education as an associate editor from 2005 until 2009, Andrea spent a year teaching English to children in Japan. Andrea returned to Chicago in 2010 and worked as a student advisor and content strategist at the TEFL Institute in Chicago, where she advised and counseled prospective students in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification courses and performed an audit of the company website. In 2011, she returned to McGraw-Hill Education as an academic designer, where she spent the next nine years working on print and digital educational programs and serving as lead editor of reading intervention components for Open Court Reading. 

Highlights from Andrea’s career include the following:

  • Managing in-house and freelance writers and editors to produce and revise manuscripts, edit and approve pages and proofs, and see components through publication
  • Developing and managing quality assurance of adaptive digital learning programs 
  • Researching, developing, writing, and editing educational content to align with national and state standards
  • Developing digital materials and reviewing images, animations, audio files, and interactive games for digital programs
  • Overseeing scheduling, advising assistant editors, and controlling and coordinating manuscript flow on print products
  • Tutoring and teaching children in Chicago, Japan, and China in English language arts
  • Developing digital instructional materials for students of various ages and ability levels

Andrea has a BA in Asian studies from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Currently, she is working to obtain her EdM in Educational Technology from the University of Arkansas. 

In Japan, Andrea studied a traditional Japanese folk instrument, the tsugaru-jamisen, and after several performances was even once interviewed in Japanese on live TV in Tokyo, where she had to play for an audience of 4 million!

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