Chelsea Hutto

Chelsea Hutto

Project Manager

Chelsea has always had a reputation for paying close attention to detail and adapting quickly to new situations while remaining organized. As a project manager for CSA Education, Chelsea spends her day working with freelancers, tracking and maintaining their progress and helping to troubleshoot any issues that may arise on a project. She works directly with clients to ensure all project needs and deadlines are met.

Starting as an office assistant at Holt, Rinehart, and Winston Publishing Company, she quickly demonstrated her strengths by not only developing new processes, but also reprioritizing the editorial department’s filing system to ensure efficiency. Joining PPD Incorporated as its Clinical Study Coordinator in 2010, Chelsea’s knowledge and adaptability under pressure were quickly noted by her superiors. Within a year, she was promoted to a coordinator role, and in 2013, she became a programmer in Clinical Data Management.

 Achievements in her career include the following:

  • Responsible for implementing thirteen mock trial studies, including all trial set-up, employee training, and data verification for the testing of a new clinical Direct Data Capture (DDC) system 
  • Authoring an extensive technical user manual for all department employees that demonstrates the complete process of creating a new clinical trial using the new DDC system, including additional supplemental training guides to be used after deployment 
  • Successfully creating flowcharts, source documentation, and schedules for over 150 Phase 1 clinical trial studies in a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) 
  • Tracking progress, revising schedules, and proactively communicating and solving any issues that arise for up to twenty-five primary studies and up to fifty nonprimary studies at a time 
  • Managing and training new associates on customer service in a high-traffic environment while ensuring quality and efficiency
  • Acting as point person designated to advise the company’s recently acquired clinic on study start-up, clinical conduction, and clinic standards  
  • Organizing and ensuring that conduction of all clinical trials were to protocol-specific standards by remaining flexible in a dynamic service environment 
  • Proactively identifying possible risks that could occur during the execution of a clinical trial by quickly communicating with the project team

Chelsea holds a BA in Science from Texas A&M with a major in Geography and a minor in Earth Sciences. She had the incredible opportunity to act as a data researcher and geospatial analyst for Dr. Elliot Tretter for his paper on “Race and Commemoration in the United States.” 

Chelsea loves to crochet! She has made numerous baby blankets and toys, bags, hats, and headbands. Her two greatest projects were a full set of character dolls from the Harry Potter books and a giant mandala afghan that took almost five years to complete.

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