Corrie Thompson

Corrie Thompson

Senior Editor

As a CSA Education senior editor, Corrie is ready to help the team on any project that crosses her desk. She keeps projects organized, writes and edits content, and supports CSA’s team of freelancers to make sure all delivery dates are met with quality product. She has done writing, editing, and design for projects for Pearson, EMC Publishing, McGraw-Hill Education, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Her keen eye for design, organizational skills, and experienced copyediting assures that she is an integral component in creating a high-quality product. She is known for her ability to learn quickly and work efficiently.

Before starting at CSA Education, Corrie worked at Kaye Publicity as an intern and at Highlights Press as an editorial assistant writing, editing, and proofreading entertaining and educational products, and also wrote book reviews for IndieReader. 

Within these projects, she has demonstrated her versatility in completion of the following:

  • Writing instruction for lessons and activities to match Grades K–2 standards
  • Editing print and digital materials for Grades K–2 both in individual grades as well as across grades for style conformance
  • Cold reading TEs and creating a cohesive errata sheet
  • Proofreading TEs for Grades K and 2–4 using InCopy
  • Designing middle school reading and writing practice tests to be compatible for TEs and SEs using InDesign
  • Creating templates for program-to-program correlations
  • Creating spreadsheets, calendars, and other materials as the office administrator

Corrie holds a BS in Professional Writing from Taylor University. She passionately encourages others to explore their creativity and to engage in new learning experiences.

Corrie also freelances as a professional photographer. She loves capturing the mesmerizing way light colors the world and helping others remember the special moments in life.

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