A portrait of Corrie Thompson

Corrie Thompson

Senior Editor

Pronouns: she/her


As a Senior Editor, Corrie is ready to help the team on any project that crosses her desk. She keeps projects organized, writes and edits content, and supports CSA’s team of freelancers to make sure all delivery dates are met with quality products. Her keen eye for design, organizational skills, and experience in copyediting assures that she is an integral component in creating a high-quality product. 

Corrie’s versatile experience in the publishing industry has allowed her to work on myriad projects at numerous stages, such as managing, writing, content editing, copyediting, proofreading, designing, and fact-checking. She has written manuscripts for print and digital projects for teacher and student materials, including interactive assessments and logic puzzles, scripts for videos, handwriting and vocabulary activity worksheets, and teacher instruction for phonics and reading and writing programs. Corrie has also managed, edited, written, and collaborated with design projects utilizing copious tools, such as InCopy, InDesign, Word Style Guides, and Smartsheet.

Within these projects, she has demonstrated her versatility in completion of the following:

  • Managing teams for various editorial projects
  • Writing instructional materials for GK–G6, such as lesson plans, teacher guides, and student editions
  • Creating supporting resources for the classroom, such as rubrics, worksheets, and letters to students’ guardians
  • Utilizing various tools specific to the project needs, such as InCopy, InDesign, Smartsheet, Keynotes, Word Style Guides, Photoshop, Adobe PDF, and client Hubs/VPN
  • Working on cross-curricular materials, such as fact-checking science and social studies articles, writing science instructional material, writing and editing social studies assessment, and proofreading math lessons for G3–6 
  • Supporting CSA team members and freelancers
  • Facilitating open lines of communication with clients to best keep projects on course and implement feedback

Corrie holds a BS in Professional Writing from Taylor University. She passionately encourages others to explore their creativity and to engage in new learning experiences.

Corrie is also a photographer. She loves capturing the mesmerizing way light colors the world and helping others remember the special moments in life.

Contact Corrie at cthompson@csaedu.com