portrait of joanna merrithey

Joanna Merrithey

Senior Director, Humanities and Assessment

Pronouns: she/her


Joanna began her career in educational publishing in 2006, joining CSA Education after graduating from college. Her dedication and commitment to creating impactful learning experiences for all learners and educators makes her a key contributor to CSA’s growth. 

In her current role as Senior Director of Humanities and Assessment, Joanna leads the content development teams across Humanities, including ELA, Assessment, World Languages, and Editorial Services. She supports and guides content-area directors and their teams to successfully complete projects on time, on budget, and with high-quality service. She strives to understand each client’s expectations and helps project leads with building the teams that will execute the vision. Having spent her entire career on the vendor side, Joanna excels in collaborating, communicating, and adapting when necessary.  

At CSA, Joanna has contributed to a variety of projects as a writer, an editor, and a content lead. She has also studied under the guidance of phonics experts with decades of contribution to the educational publishing industry. Combined with her own congenial and outgoing personality, her skills have led her to be a consistent and reliable team member who is respected and highly regarded by her coworkers and clients. 

Joanna’s experience and expertise include the following:

  • Creating a literacy program for grades K and 1 that includes explicit foundational skills instruction, decodables, reading and writing instruction, and ancillaries
  • Managing large editorial teams through all stages of development
  • Overseeing high-profile projects valuing millions of dollars
  • Contributing to CSA’s editorial processes, procedures, and best practices
  • Supporting teams to develop content for a variety of learning styles and content objectives across all subjects K–12

Joanna earned her BS in Print Journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is proud to consider herself a lifelong learner. 

Joanna enjoys reading all genres and sets an ambitious goal to read 50 or more books each year. In a different life, she would definitely be a meteorologist on the local news.

Contact Joanna at jm********@cs****.com