Karen Veit

Karen Veit

Director, Math and Instructional Design

Starting her career in 1997, Karen’s expertise in education spans over twenty-five years. As our Director of Math and Instructional Design, she oversees all of the math projects at CSA. This involves identifying and selecting the best writers and editors for each project, creating and maintaining editorial schedules and workflows, and serving as a content expert. She works closely with CSA’s clients to fully understand their expectations and to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget. Karen is also available to assist with any instructional design support to any projects in need of ID input.

As a middle school and high school teacher, Karen taught middle school Math and Science, Algebra I, and Geometry. When she became a Senior Content Technologist, she managed the development of new digital and print components while collaborating with vendors throughout the development process to guarantee product quality. She also worked as a Senior Curriculum Specialist and Senior Learning Designer, helping product owners and development teams define design visions for digital learning products. 

Milestone highlights in Karen’s career include the following:

  • Writing Digital Learning Design—Universal Design Standards for all digital products
  • Managing and mentoring large teams during all phases of product development
  • Developing and deploying a company-wide online assessment workflow 
  • Assisting with the design and implementation of a widely used, client-facing, content management system
  • Defining a process for high-level concept and detailed requirement documents for math technology products 
  • Coauthoring math alt-text guidelines for Grades K–5 mathematics

Karen graduated from the University of Central Florida with an MA in Instructional Technology after earning her BS in Mathematics and her BA in Education from Fairmont State University. She also has a graduate certificate in e-Learning Professional Development.

Karen is a huge fan of fitness. In her free time, she likes to run, ride her bike, and swim. She has completed over twenty marathons, including the Boston Marathon. She is also a triathlete and hopes to someday complete a full Ironman.

Contact Karen at kveit@csaedu.com

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