portrait of kate szadziewski

Kate Szadziewski

Executive Editorial Manager, Humanities and Assessment

Pronouns: she/her


As CSA Education’s Executive Editorial Manager of Humanities and Assessment, Kate is responsible for overseeing, developing, and editing K–12 Humanities and Assessment projects. She oversees day-to-day management of projects, including managing internal staff and independent contractors, and provides quality materials that are accurate, consistent, and adhere to client-specified rules and guidelines.

Kate brings over 20 years of experience in ELA, Social Studies, and ESL education to CSA. She has a long-standing commitment to creating educational opportunities for learners with diverse backgrounds and abilities. From classroom teaching experience, to curriculum and assessment development and writing, Kate has successfully helped educators and learners increase excellence and rigor for their pedagogical goals. Her belief is that ownership and integrity honors the value of students and teachers, who should remain at the heart of all educational processes.

Highlights from Kate’s career include the following:

  • Writing and editing educational materials to purpose, focusing on learning goals, particularly standards-based outcomes and specific client needs 
  • Researching, creating, reviewing, and managing CCSS-aligned materials for wide-scale assessments, including stimulus passages and items across grade levels 3-12, including more than 4,000 items and 400 passages 
  • Managing curriculum teams in the design and development of award-winning, interactive online learning courseware, which served over 250,000 students in over 1,500 districts 
  • Teaching high school English, Composition, and American Literature courses
  • Teaching English Language Learners with a variety of ages, skill levels, goals, and backgrounds in multiple countries

Kate earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, Poetry, with a minor in Spanish from the University of Montana. She earned her Certificate, Teaching English as a Foreign or Other Language (TEFL) from Seattle Pacific University with Washington Academy of Languages. Kate also earned her Master’s in the Art of Teaching (MAT), Language Arts from the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Kate has lived in Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, and England. She met her Polish-English husband in Chile, and they enjoy traveling as much of the world as possible. They recently moved from Hawaii to Washington State with their cat, Porter. They have a tradition of naming pets after literary figures. Their current cat is named after Katherine Anne Porter, but his coloring also resembles a porter being poured, and he is so quick that he seemingly can transport (as in “Beam me up, Kitty”) from place to place.

Contact Kate at ks**********@cs****.com