Katie Delbridge

Katie Delbridge

Executive Editor

Katie has always been passionate about teaching and crafting educational materials for Grades K–12 students. As Executive Editor of CSA Education, Katie works with other members of the CSA team, as well as writers and editors, to ensure clients receive high-quality materials that meet their needs on a timely basis. 

As an essential part of the Tucson Unified School District for twelve years as a Grades 1–4 general education teacher, she designed and implemented lessons for students in accordance with Arizona State Standards. In 2013, she began her accomplished tenure at Learning A–Z, where she was recognized for her work in designing, writing, and editing a variety of instructional materials for students and teachers.

Notable highlights of Katie’s career include the following: 

  • Writing, editing, and reviewing content for the award-winning websites Raz-Kids, Raz-Plus, Writing A–Z, Vocabulary A–Z, and ReadyTest A–Z
  • Conceptualizing and managing a significant portion of the development of Learning A–Z’s Literacy Curriculum Map
  • Working with psychometricians to critically analyze existing comprehension quizzes and subsequently developing assessment guidelines that resulted in improved reliability of assessment data for teachers 
  • Designing a comprehensive literacy-focused summer school program for Grades 1–5
  • Crafting and leading workshops to train teachers and administrators on best practices for differentiating math instruction 
  • Developing writing prompts for Grades K–5 teachers to assess students’ writing growth throughout the school year based on the Six Traits of Writing 
  • Being nominated for Arizona Teacher of the Year in 2013

Katie graduated with honors from the University of Arizona with a BA in Elementary Education. She has stayed current with the latest training and has completed multiple courses at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, including 21st-Century Teaching and Learning, How to Learn Math for Teachers, and Mathematical Mindsets. Katie is also certified in Structured English Immersion Endorsement, K–12 and Early Childhood Endorsement by the Arizona Department of Education.

Katie loves being outdoors and can be found most weekends hiking, bike riding, or just playing tag with her two young children. She can’t wait to take up backpacking again when her youngsters are old enough to hike longer distances!

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