portrait of via baker

Via Baker

Technology Services Manager


As CSA Education’s Technology Services Manager, Via focuses on developing, improving, and maintaining the company’s systems and technology resources. These responsibilities extend to providing freelancers and CSA’s internal staff with technical support and training on a variety of platforms, as well as supporting the Team CSA freelancer program. Having spent several years correlating and evaluating Math and Science programs in the Alignment Services department, Via is delighted to be able to focus on solving problems instead of just identifying them. Every day brings a new skill to learn, problem to solve, or challenge to master—sometimes all three!—and that suits Via down to the ground.

Some of Via’s accomplishments include:

  • Creating and automating processes to support contract creation and distribution for freelancers
  • Overhauling CSA’s extensive contractor database to make it more user-friendly as well as making recommendations for further improvements
  • Developing updated tracking tools to manage internal and external resources
  • Providing excellent technical support for staff and contractors whenever issues arise

Via graduated cum laude from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College with a BA in Classics and holds an MA with distinction in Experimental Archaeology with a focus on Greek and Roman Construction Technology and Public Archaeology from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Via loves fixing things around the house and making things around the woodshop and the kitchen—and especially combining “fixing” and “making” to create new, gluten-free versions of family favorites. You can always tell when there’s a kitchen project going on because the table is covered in cookbooks and notepaper and the fridge is full of four or five variations of one recipe!

Contact Via at vb****@cs****.com