NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition 2023

At the end of October, our Senior Director of STEM and Alignment, Katie, and our Director of Math and Instructional Design, Karen, attended the NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, DC. This event has become one that the CSA Education team looks forward to attending since it is a great chance to learn about technologies and creative ideas that are working in classrooms around the country. This year’s theme, Creating Spaces for Change Through Community: It Starts With You, laid a strong foundation for the upcoming school year and beyond, and focused on building and learning together. Following are their key highlights and takeaways from the meeting.


We thoroughly enjoyed meeting many of our clients in person, and that was definitely a highlight for both of us. Seeing their final products being displayed and highlighted was very rewarding. It was equally exciting to see teachers’ reactions as they interacted with some of the products for the first time. We also got the chance to hear from educators and researchers who shared new products, technologies, and classroom activities.

Key Takeaways

One consistent theme at NCTM was that educators across every grade band are focused on inclusive and rigorous learning experiences for all students. We attended several sessions centered on increasing access, equity, and engagement. We were particularly excited to see increased accessibility features in one of our favorite graphing technologies!


In addition to being a wonderful time to connect with our clients and educators, a lot of great information was shared at the NCTM Annual Meeting & Expo. We are excited about the focus on inclusive and rigorous learning experiences for all students, and look forward to implementing these practices into our work in exciting new ways.