Ron Watson

Ron Watson

Associate Director, Humanities

Ron began his career in educational publishing in 2006, when he joined Shakespeare Squared. There, he played a key role as an editor and project manager for a variety of projects, including developing a curriculum for Editorial U, a course for prospective freelance writers and editors. His experience led him to become the supervising editor of New Product Development at Loyola Press before joining Integra Software Services in 2015.

While working at Integra, Ron served as the manager of Content Development. In this position, he was able to lead many successful teams, including both internal developers and freelancers, in a variety of K–12 and higher education projects. 

Before working in educational publishing, Ron spent several years in the classroom. Ron taught a variety of courses, including literature, public speaking, grammar and composition, earth and physical science, environmental science, business writing, and technical writing.

Ron’s expertise and range of work include the following:

  • Creating and teaching a course for standardized test preparation in reading 
  • Leading the content development teams for digital and print educational programs, from lower elementary through higher and adult education, in a variety of subjects
  • Developing custom writing/editorial/production processes for specific client needs, including assessment formatting
  • Developing dynamic assessment materials closely tied to state and national standards
  • Training and managing a team of editors and freelancers, including content review and feedback
  • Collaborating with internal and external teams from project conception through project completion
  • Leading the development of bilingual curricula and trade products through publication
  • Working closely with marketing teams to develop product websites and online materials

Ron studied for an MA in Curriculum and Instruction at Concordia University. Previously, he attended Central Michigan University, graduating magna cum laude with a BS in Secondary Education with an English major. As well as working in educational publishing, Ron has served on the board of directors for the Young Irish Fellowship of Chicago and the pH Comedy Theater.

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