Teresa Roberts

Teresa Roberts

Senior Director, Alignment Services

In 2004, Teresa joined CSA and began building the Alignment Services team from scratch. She has built upon what CSA Education’s Alignment Services can offer its clients, including not only forward and reverse correlations, but also gap analyses and consultation, providing them with in-depth reporting. In her current role as Senior Director of Alignment Services, Teresa manages the relationship with one of CSA’s largest clients. She helps staff projects in all subject areas, grade levels, and alignment types, as well as consults with clients to determine their overall needs. She also manages a proven pool of content experts covering all grade levels and subjects and works communicatively and collaboratively in guiding projects toward successful on-time completion. As a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Teresa also manages the HR function at CSA, overseeing initiatives that include everything from employee relations to benefits management.  

Teresa contributes on projects across grade levels and has worked with many different publishing teams within the education industry, including Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Curriculum Associates, and Benchmark. With strong organizational skills, Teresa is graced with the ability to clearly communicate with clients and to ensure that projects cross the finish line and exceed expectations. Renowned for fostering relationships, Teresa has successfully built relationships with clients, as well as building a team of content experts. Teresa thrives on providing individualized attention to specific needs of publishers’ marketing departments and providing detailed reporting to help editorial departments bolster content. The following products, Grades K–12, represent the wide array of her work:

  • Managing correlations and alignment projects across all subject matter, but specifically geared toward ELA, math, science, and social studies
  • Identifying and implementing keyword services for publishers of Grades K–12 supplemental materials
  • Providing in-depth analytics and consulting to inform not only sales and marketing departments on how to maximize their products, but also in helping to identify for editorial departments how to best supplement their developed curriculum
  • Designing customized correlation templates created to address specific project demands
  • Educating our team and our clients about updates and trends in national and state standards

Teresa holds a BA in International Relations from Knox College and her certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

Teresa has traveled around the world teaching West African and Middle Eastern drumming to a wide variety of communities and age groups. She’s also performed on a few studio albums as both a percussionist and a singer—including with a punk band, a concept album featuring a pianist, and a collection of pop songs sung entirely in Klingon.

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