Teresa Roberts

Vice President, Human Resources and Operations

Pronouns: she/her


Teresa joined CSA in 2004 and immediately saw an opportunity to create a department focusing solely on providing correlations and evaluations for new and existing client programs. She built the Alignment Services team from scratch, a unique department that offers not only forward and reverse correlations, but gap analyses, consulting services, rubric evaluations, machine learning for automated alignment systems, and much more.

Teresa’s true passion lies in building relationships, which led to the next phase in her professional development. While simultaneously overseeing the Alignment Services department, she managed the Human Resources function at CSA for several years, focusing on not only fostering employee development and performance management – but defining and solidifying CSA’s unique company culture. Her continual goal is to maintain CSA’s reputation as a place that truly supports and values both staff and contractors alike. With the company’s recent growth, Teresa was able to move into the leadership role as Vice President of Human Resources and Operations and focus all her energy on these efforts.  

Highlights of Teresa’s accomplishments include:

  • Facilitating internal efforts to define CSA’s core values
  • Developing programs to allow managers to share best practices and ways to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Implementing a peer-to-peer recognition program and software to allow employees to celebrate accomplishments and teamwork
  • Sourcing an HRIS system to track employee paid time off (PTO) and house other important documentation
  • Expanding opportunities for engaging an entirely remote workforce
  • Supporting and refining CSA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Assisting with the creation of the Team CSA freelancer engagement program, an initiative designed to support and acknowledge CSA’s amazing pool of contractors 

Teresa holds a BA in International Relations from Knox College and her certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

Teresa has traveled around the world teaching West African and Middle Eastern drumming to a wide variety of communities and age groups. She’s also performed on a few studio albums in a number of different genres as both a percussionist and a singer—including a collection of pop songs sung entirely in Klingon.

Contact Teresa at troberts@csaedu.com