CSA Education Grows Career & Technical Education (CTE) Services to Support All Sixteen Career Clusters

CSA Expands Content Development, Standards Alignment, Workforce Development, and Training Needs to All CTE Career Clusters

Chicago, IL: CSA Education has announced their approach to Career & Technical Education (CTE) services, which includes content development, standards alignment, workforce development, and training needs. CSA promotes a positive message that having a successful career is not always dependent on acquiring a four-year college degree. This is reflected in the content they produce and their overall belief that CTE should emphasize the equity of competency-based education alongside standards based curriculum development. CSA provides CTE services for preK–12, higher education, industry associations, and employers, delivering quality CTE programs that support all learners.

CSA Education understands that CTE instruction is rooted in the core skills and competencies that make up the sixteen CTE career clusters. Quality content is developed by adhering to the standards and skills required by the industries they support. Recognizing the skills gap, CSA added CTE to their services in early 2022, but has been refining their service offering in this area and building the necessary resources to support both certificate programs and training needs. The market has responded, resulting in substantial growth in CTE over the past 12 months. This growth enables CSA to further support a wider range of clients in the education industry.

“CTE has grown rapidly, and continues to grow, into a very important area for CSA’s existing and prospective clients. The current robust job market, along with increasing undergraduate education costs, directly contribute to the rising interest and demand for quality CTE courses,” said John Quinn, CEO of CSA Education. “We are continuously evaluating trends within the industry and analyzing how we can best support our clients, which led to our decision to invest in CTE as a core subject area. Our goal is to offer a full-service solution for our clients in an ever changing industry.”

Throughout the last year, CSA has been awarded opportunities to work on a variety of different course developments, workforce training, and alignment projects spanning several of the CTE core clusters. They have expanded their Team CSA freelancer database with subject-matter experts who can support planning, writing, editing, and analyzing specialized CTE content areas. CSA can scale to any team size for all CTE content and alignment needs.

About CSA Education: CSA Education is dedicated to efficiently delivering high-quality content and services to the education industry. This talented US team has created and produced educational content for over 34 years in all subject areas for all grade levels. Their core group of in-house staff are experts in their disciplines and in educational publishing. They work with a team of thousands of carefully vetted contractors to scale project teams with the relevant expertise to fit the needs of any project. Learn more about CSA Education at https://csaedu.com/.

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