A portrait of Liz Howe

Interviewer: What is your name?

Liz: Liz Howe

Interviewer: What is your position at CSA?

Liz: Alignment Manager

Interviewer: What does that position entail?

Liz: That’s a really good question. I receive requests from educational publishing companies to have their programs/curriculum aligned with educational standards. Sometimes, I will perform the alignment myself. But the majority of the time, I explain the client’s request to a correlator to fulfill. I coordinate and then review the correlator’s work for accuracy and make any adjustments the client may request.    

Interviewer: How did you become a part of CSA?

Liz: I previously worked for other companies in the educational publishing world in the curriculum development field. I was looking for something that would allow me to shift to more of a managerial position. That was when I found CSA!

Interviewer: What is the best part of your job?

Liz: All of the client requests I receive are unique in their own way. There is always an influx of different projects coming my way. 

Interviewer: What do you wish people knew about your work at CSA?

Liz: I wish people knew more about the importance and impact of curriculum alignment in education.   Alignments help states, counties, and school districts decide which textbooks and programs are adopted for use with students. It is very important work that happens “behind the scenes.”

Interviewer: What do you wish schools focused on more in terms of education and why? 

Liz: As a former teacher, I would say number one is history, especially things that are sometimes considered more sensitive subjects. I feel it is important to include them. Social Studies programs have been making some headway on that recently, but there is still room for improvement. Additionally, anything with financial literacy, such as how to manage money, buy a house, or save for retirement. 

Interviewer: What are three interesting facts about you?

Liz: One thing people always think is strange about me is that I don’t like chocolate… not even the smell of it! I love couponing and bargain shopping, and I also enjoy watching crime shows and documentaries.  

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