Phonics Instruction Is the Key to Reading Success

December 15, 2020

In the world of academics, the trendiness of phonics comes and goes. Though the practice of connecting letters and sounds is the basic foundation of reading, its importance is often overlooked. Earlier this year, a New York Times article called for more emphasis on teaching phonics, claiming that “only a third of American students were proficient in reading.” Due to a rising desire to refocus on these lessons, publishers and developers are taking the time to review their current offerings, looking for ways to integrate phonics into ELA curriculum.

CSA Education was built on a bedrock of foundational skills and phonics instruction. Our core group of contractors have expertise through hands-on classroom experience and years of curriculum development. We work to ensure that clients’ latest materials showcase their improvements and modifications to phonics instruction.

You’ve put in the effort to highlight phonics, and we want to show that. 

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