CSA has the experience with integrating SEL into established curriculums

February 23, 2022 (rev)

More teachers and parents are realizing the importance of integrating social and emotional learning into curricula. A student’s emotional wellness is crucial for his or her success academically and in life. The ability to share one’s feelings in a healthy way is important at every age. While this topic continues to garner more attention, not enough options exist for home or school.

Instead of building SEL lessons from scratch, CSA Education works to seamlessly blend social-emotional learning into your established curriculum. We’ve interspersed discussion prompts and activities into existing reading lessons and also discovered ways of blending content into foundational skills passages.

At this time, emotional development is integral to the lives of students, teachers, and parents. Your work helps them navigate their worlds with intelligence, empathy, and compassion. We’ll make sure you can provide the experience that helps everyone reach their full potential. 

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