Guided Readers

November 30, 2020

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November 30, 2020

Individual students will always learn to read at their own pace. Some learn quickly but can’t find books to hold their interest, while others find themselves struggling with simple sentences. For reasons such as these, guided reading programs and leveled readers have become essential in building fluency and critical reading skills. It is important that publishers and development houses understand how teachers use these programs, how students learn from them, and what approaches would benefit both parties. At CSA Education, our writers have the classroom experience necessary to understand what makes a successful guided reading program and how it may be enhanced.

Our team has developed and designed readers for guided reading and phonics programs. We aspire to create books that meet different students’ interests, cover a vast array of topics, and include diversity in artwork and content. Teacher’s guides are composed to accompany leveled readers and help adults navigate the texts to ensure student success.

No matter the reading level, CSA Education is dedicated to helping students become fluent readers and realize the most benefit from their guided reading programs.

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