Our ELA sample introduces students to the concept of themes within stories

We are pleased to announce that CSA Creative has launched a series of digital samples to demonstrate our full-service capabilities. Our in-house team has designed, written, and produced these lessons to showcase CSA’s commitment to crafting standards-focused digital lessons.

With many schools transferring to online learning, digital materials must meet the same standards as print. Lacking a classroom structure, digital lessons have the added responsibility of engaging students. CSA has a reputation for creating high-quality content, but, due to the nature of digital materials, we can’t always share samples of our hard work, so we created our own lessons.

In our ELA sample, we introduce students to the concept of themes within stories, encouraging them to use their critical thinking skills to consider character motivations and the deeper messages behind the words on the page. We would be delighted to discuss your plans for upcoming projects and how the CSA team can partner with you to create engaging, high-quality content.

For additional interactivity capabilities, please be sure to check out our science and social studies samples. 

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