March 15, 2022 (rev)

Effective communication is the essential gateway to learning, and your ELD programs provide the foundation each child deserves. The rising number of English language learners in the United States foreshadows a greater demand for this kind of curriculum. However, most teachers have little to no training in effective methods for teaching English language learners. Combined with limited personalized attention and the uncertainty of technology at home, teachers and students often find themselves struggling to connect. 

In order to better understand how publishers can support teachers and what English language learners experience in a classroom, CSA’s in-house staff received instruction from an ELL specialist. Building on that training, we developed methods to help publishers improve their products to accommodate a range of English language learners. We explored making instruction visual, pre-teaching vocabulary, creating scaffolded instruction that uses a student’s first language, and providing sentence frames to help students build confidence and to ease teacher concerns. CSA Education works to support publishers by creating usable and effective instruction for English language learners, always keeping communication open.

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