Your products play a key role in a student’s positive view on mathematics. With new attention on personalized learning and digital programs, the growing demand for a diverse range of educational materials brings additional pressures. You are continuously exploring new avenues to present your products while continuing to keep them informative and engaging.

This is where CSA Education’s mathematics team can help. Under the leadership of our Director of Math and Instructional Design, Karen Veit, our internal team will work with you to make sure your products meet the needs of schools, students, and teachers while staying top of the line.

Working with us means getting:

  • A team of math experts with experience working at both vendors and publishing companies, ensuring they understand the needs of all involved parties 
  • A database of over 500 professional math SMEs with expertise in all areas, along with the pedagogy required for various ages and types of learners
  • Expertise on a multitude of platforms to produce anything from instructional videos to complex games
  • Tech-savvy staff members who are not afraid to learn new technologies required to develop successful products
  • Team members who understand advanced systems and processes while providing in-depth training and ongoing support for everyone working on the project
  • An Alignment Services team with SMEs who have detailed knowledge and understanding of the CCSS as well as many other state standards.
  • Prototype batches to ensure all requirements on any tech project have been completed to spec before proceeding to full development
  • Direct communication with the entire team and weekly updates

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs and upcoming projects. Please reach out to ib*****@cs****.com for more information. 

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