Meet the CSA Team: Bellamy Taylor-Pines

portrait of bellamy taylor-pines

Interviewer: What is your name?

Bellamy: Bellamy Taylor-Pines

Interviewer: What is your position at CSA?

Bellamy: Alignment Manager

Interviewer: What does that position entail?

Bellamy: I work on projects for publishing companies so that their curriculum resources are aligned to various educational standards. Sometimes, I complete the alignments myself, but oftentimes, our fantastic crew of freelancers does the majority of the alignment work while I have more of a project management (PM) role.

Interviewer: How did you become a part of CSA?

Bellamy: I started off my professional career as an elementary teacher. I was always intrigued by curriculum development, and eventually stumbled upon some contract opportunities with K–12 curriculum development organizations. I decided to pursue this work full-time, and gained experience with writing, editing, and aligning curriculum. I had been eyeing CSA for quite some time, and was thrilled when a staff position became available. 

Interviewer: What is the best part of your job?

Bellamy: I really enjoy getting to familiarize myself with a variety of different curriculums. As a former teacher, I enjoy having the opportunity to see all of the different instructional methods and resources that are out there.

Interviewer: What do you wish people knew about your work at CSA?

Bellamy: That no two projects are the same. Between standard sets being updated, new curriculum products being rolled out, and different client goals, every project is unique!

Interviewer: What do you wish schools focused on more in terms of education and why? 

Bellamy: I wish that all schools prioritized time for social-emotional learning (SEL). There are so many ways to make SEL lessons meaningful and engaging by utilizing resources such as picture books, Ted Talk videos, current-event news articles, and team-building activities. 

Interviewer: What are three interesting facts about you?

Bellamy: I take weekly aerial silks classes, I have done the 4-day Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu, and I recently got into making homemade pizzas.

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