May 10, 2023 (rev)

Outdoor education programs can happen anywhere, for any grade, and in all kinds of educational settings. By connecting classroom learning with the great outdoors, teachers can create awesome learning communities that truly immerse students in science and help them understand the material on a deeper level. Outdoor education offers curricular benefits as well, such as hands-on experiences and direct interaction with phenomena, as seen in EQuIP evaluations.

Creating digital curricula that connect students with the outdoors can be challenging. Curriculum developers should seek opportunities to integrate outdoor experiences. CSA Education focuses on connecting in-class and outdoor learning through real-life experiences, knowing that real-world application is vital to student learning. Our team utilizes a holistic approach, blending indoor and outdoor learning seamlessly, creating authentic opportunities to immerse children in science.

We work with clients (like you!) who appreciate the importance of social-emotional learning and recognize the need for students to connect with others in their community. After all, a true understanding of science cannot be gained just through a book or a screen. We want to help you create a curriculum that lets students discover that beauty for themselves.

If you are interested in learning more about our approach to Science, seeing project cases, or meeting our in-house Science team, feel free to contact Ingrid at ib*****@cs****.com

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