February 26, 2021

Outdoor education programs can take place anywhere, at any grade level, and in all educational settings. By building a positive association between what is learned in a classroom and outdoors, educators can create classroom communities that immerse students in science and lead them to a deeper understanding of the materials. Students remember these experiences better because they are unique and so increase the connection to the lesson and build culture among students. Outdoor education also has curricular benefits. Situating students as scientists and having them interact with phenomena as directly as possible is found on EQuIP evaluations. This interaction with phenomena is considered a high-quality experience. 

Outdoor curricula also expand and extend possibilities for teachers, giving their students a much richer hands-on experience in different settings, with different materials, and different types of interactions. Unfortunately, most at-home digital curricula do not provide students with opportunities to interact with the outdoors. Curriculum developers need to purposefully seek out options that get students outdoors and to connect their learning to their environment.

CSA Education enjoys creating real-life experiences for students that solidify the connection between in-class and outdoor learning. Knowing that real-world application is vital to student learning and is proven to have higher learning outcomes*, we thrive on helping publishers create authentic opportunities to immerse children in science. We have developed curricula that have a holistic approach to teaching and learning, allowing learning in the indoor and outdoor spaces to meld seamlessly. We work with clients who understand the importance of social-emotional learning and the need for students to connect with others in their community. A true understanding of science cannot be gained exclusively through a book or a screen, and we want to give students the chance to find that beauty for themselves.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about the team at CSA Education, please contact Ingrid Benson at ibenson@csaedu.com

* “Make Real World Connections to Course Material.” Ablconnect, 4 Feb. 2021, ablconnect.harvard.edu/make-real-world-connections-course-material

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