September 27, 2023 (rev)

Staying on top of changing curriculum standards and alignment requirements can be a huge challenge. But having accurate alignment to standards and frameworks is so critical for creating effective educational materials.

At CSA Education, we totally get that. Our dedicated Alignment team is deeply knowledgeable about all the different state standards, NGSS, and other standards you might need to address. We do all alignments by hand for maximum accuracy, and our dedication shows in the high-quality alignments we produce.

Even as standards shift in different states, you can count on us to stay up-to-date on all the latest requirements. We’ll make sure your materials are always ready for today’s classrooms. Alignment can be tedious work, but we’ve got your back!

We would love to hear more about your alignment needs and talk about how we could potentially collaborate. Please contact Ingrid Benson at ib*****@cs****.com

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