August 12, 2020

We are pleased to announce that CSA Education has launched a series of digital samples to demonstrate our full-service capabilities. Our in-house team has designed, written, and produced these lessons to showcase CSA’s commitment to crafting standards-focused digital lessons.

With many schools transferring to online learning, digital materials must meet the same standards as print. Lacking a classroom structure, digital lessons have the added responsibility of providing a presentation that engages students. CSA’s reputation for creating high-quality content, we believe, is reflected in the designing of our own digital modules.

In our math sample, students are presented with a real-world problem to solve while learning about volume. They solve CCSS-aligned formative and summative assessments and earn rewards for correct responses. The enjoyment and excitement throughout the digital learning experience captures the interest of students as they learn about and solve problems with volume.

CSA is also thrilled to announce that we are a content creation partner with Learnosity! Full sets of our TEI samples are being posted to our website, and a smaller subset will be posted through our Learnosity page.

For additional interactivity capabilities, please be sure to check out our science, social studies, and ELA digital sample modules. If you’re interested and would like to learn more about the team at CSA Education, please contact Ingrid at ib*****@cs****.com.

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